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Dish Events & Catering Terms & Conditions 

From Jan 2021 


Booking Your Date with Dish Events & Catering 


  1. All event bookings must be confirmed in writing by the Client 

  2. Upon booking an event with Dish Events & Catering a 20% deposit of the anticipated total is required to secure the booking. This deposit is non-refundable should you cancel your booking 

  3. A further deposit of 50% is required 60 days prior to the event date with final balance due within 2 weeks after the event date 

  4. Short term events (less than 60 days away) work on a 50% upon receipt, 30% 7 days before the event date and 20% on the event date

  5. A quote will be provided in writing by the Client confirming your menu selections, guest numbers and total amount payable  

  6. The booking deposit is required within 3 days of final quote/selections being sent. This deposit will be deducted from the total event costs which will be issued to the Client no later than two months prior to the event (please see our Payment terms below) 

  7. Payment methods available include bank transfer, debit card, credit card and cash

    Additional requirements 

  1. If a client requires additional equipment for service, glassware, cutlery etc, Dish Events & Catering can order this but it is a charge to the client. 

  2. If any losses or breakages occur of hired equipment then the client will be liable for the cost of replacement
    Booking Confirmation


  1. Once the Clients deposit/s have been received a receipt will be issued by Dish Events & Catering together with a formal confirmation letter which will include your draft menu, event summary and estimated costs based on the number of guests and selections made by the Client. Once a date has been secured a client tasting session is possible for bookings with a minimum of 50 guests. Tasting sessions are subject to the event type, menu selected. 

  2. Tasting sessions are subject to a party size/convenient date/time being agreed upon by both parties

    Confirmation of guests and menus 

  1. Final menu choice to be given 4 weeks prior to event date. Confirmation of menu choices to be given in writing by the client to Dish Events & Catering 

  2. Dietary information must be disclosed 4 weeks prior to the event. Dish Events & Catering will endeavour to accommodate any dietary requirements given after this time but can’t guarantee replacement options 

  3. Final guest numbers to be given 4 weeks prior to event date. If Dish Events & Catering are notified of an increase in guest numbers after this time then they will endeavour to provide the same menu selections. Where this isn’t possible, alternatives will be given 

  4. Should Dish Events & Catering be advised of any increases following payment and less than two weeks prior to the event, Dish Events & Catering reserve the right to accept these and will raise an additional invoice following the event for these guests or extras food needed, payment will then be due for immediate settlement by the Client. 

  5. Should Dish Events & Catering be notified of a decrease in guests numbers less than 4 weeks prior to the event date, then the client will still be liable for the full balance of number of quoted guests 

  6. As cancellation insurance is not available to a catering supplier, the Client is advised to arrange such insurance to recover their losses

    Cancellation charges 

  1. In the unfortunate event of a booking having to be cancelled confirmation in writing is required by the Client. Your deposit will be retained and the following charges will be incurred 

    1. Cancellation received with less than two months notice prior to the event – 50% of the total event cost 

    2. Cancellation received less than one month prior to the event – 70% of the total event cost 

    3. Cancellation received less than 2 weeks prior to the event - 100% of the total event cost 

    4. All booking deposits are non refundable 

  2. The total event cost will be based on the number of confirmed guests attending at the agreed price per head + VAT. Should guest numbers be unconfirmed at the time of cancellation the total event cost will be based the originally quoted/estimated guests numbers 

  3. Any additional costs incurred by Dish Events & Catering in preparation of the event up until the time of cancellation will be charged to the Client. This is to cover any losses incurred by Dish Events & Catering for administration costs, travel, supplies etc. and will be discussed fully in event of cancellation

    Dietary Requirements and Allergies 

  1. All dietary and allergen requirements must be disclosed to Dish Events & Catering 4 weeks prior to the event date. 

  2. Dish Events & Catering will endeavour to provide suitable adaptations to the Clients menu for any guests with special dietary requirements or allergies. We cannot, however, take responsibility for any guests unless advised in advance (no less than one month prior to the event) 

  3. All menu items will clearly display every known allergen contained. Should the client require additional information it's the client's responsibility to contact Dish Events & Catering who will be happy to help 

  4. Dish Events & Catering cannot be responsible for goods/products made by our suppliers. Dish Events & Catering will always communicate the ingredients contained as provided by the supplier. Should the supplier miscommunicate any ingredients Dish Events & Catering will not be held accountable

    Additional Terms & Conditions 

  1. Bookings require a total of 70% 60 days prior to the event (see above for deposit requirements) unless it is a short term event

  2. If final balance deposit is not paid before the deadline, Dish Events & Catering reserves the right to charge late payment fees of 0.05% fees of the total invoice per day 

  3. Payment to be paid by BACS

    Force Majeure  

  1. Dish Events & Catering shall not have any liability for circumstance beyond the reasonable control of Dish Events & Catering. We will notify customers in writing if any such circumstance should cause a delay or failure in performance  


  1. Any complaints regarding Dish Events & Catering must be made in writing 48 hours after your event 

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